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The heart of Omonni

An experienced Korean entrepreneur, and globe-trotter with several successful culinary concepts to her credit, Kelly Choi (켈리최) invites you to discover a cuisine that is both intimate and modern.


Why “Omonni”?

Omonni (어머니) means "mother" in Korean. With Omonni, Kelly invites you into her own mom’s kitchen to discover dishes that are brimming with passion and love.
Dishes that dare to rival those prepared by your mother and that will warm your heart.
A sharing of pleasure, passion and culture.
One bite will be enough to give you a taste of the high standards that characterize it...
A taste of simplicity, tradition and modernity that will delight your palate as much as your mind.


Omonni Fried Chicken, much more than a culinary concept.

It is an experience.

A unique opportunity to enjoy authentic Korean fried chicken at home, an extremely popular dish from Seoul to Busan!

Our mission is to offer you a high quality product and exceptional customer service under this motto: "We deliver joy and love".

Our dishes are traditionally composed of different colors and flavors. A continuous search for freshness and taste to bring balance and inner harmony.
And it is in the respect of these traditions that we propose to you a journey of the palate allied to the feeling of comfort which we get from traditional and family cooking...

Our commitment

Your satisfaction is our priority… And you deserve excellence.
We commit to offering you a remarkable experience and products of exceptional quality. Every day. We source all our ingredients with the utmost care, including our free range, organic chicken. We develop all recipes, with our Korean chef, and prepare them daily in our kitchens. We listen to your needs and take your feedback into account to make Omonni your best-ever fried chicken experience!

What makes us different? The strong values that guide our decisions.
Every day, we enjoy sharing our experience and expertise with our customers, employees and partners. We aim at making Omonni Fried Chicken grow in line with trends and innovations, building a large international Omonni community.
At home, at the office, with friends or family… Don’t wait to taste the Korean tradition, the authentic finger food.
Don’t forget to share!

OMONNI 🐔 | Fingerfood
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Where to find us ?
Brussels: Rue des Palmiers 45, 1150
Antwerp: Kloosterstraat 110, 2000 


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